Zumbro 17 Training: Week 11

April Fool’s came a day late in the Northland.

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Accepting it will never be warm again. #duluth #springtime

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Monday: 4.1 mi, road, 138 bpm
Tuesday: 5.1 mi, paved trail (Lakewalk), 136 bpm, discussed here
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 5 mi, treadmill, 136 bpm
Friday: rest
Saturday: 7 mi, paved trail (Lakewalk), 138 bpm
Sunday: 9 mi, treadmill (with short potty break around 6 miles), 137 bpm
Total: 30.3 mi

Boring week of training. It’s cold again/still. I was hoping to do trail running over the weekend, but I didn’t feel like slogging through fresh snow on Saturday, or worrying about ice on Sunday. Saturday’s run was kind of tiring for some reason, probably because I was cold. My heart rate was higher than normal throughout the rest of the day and I felt like crap when I went to bed. Of course that was also because I ate a BW3 philly sandwich for dinner which was both disappointing and rough on my digestive system.

I still have a lot of logistic work to do for the race on Saturday. I have never traveled for a longer race, so this will be new for me. I’ve also never been on the course. I need to figure out what to pack, stock up on anything that I need, and read the race info to figure out a race plan.

I don’t really know what to think. This training cycle has been kind of depressing for me, since I’ve been sick for what, like half of it? Plus it’s still cold, and I was hoping for some warmer days to gain a bit more confidence, and to see if maybe that would clear up the last vestiges of my cold/whatever. I feel like a big whiny whiner lately, but I can’t help it. My illness and the depressing weather have really affected me.

This upcoming week will be light on running so I can feel rested and relaxed going into the race. I’ll probably run short runs Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and then rest Wednesday and volunteer Friday!

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