Not-the-best Laid Plans

I have a lot to do in a short period of time. I’ve been treating Zumbro like it’s far off in the future, even though it is in 3 days. I have a really bad attitude about the race right now, so I’m wallowing in denial. Yesterday I hit a pretty low point when I found out the forecast for race day had plummeted from a pleasant 59 F down to 42 F. I know many would consider that ideal racing weather, but I was really looking forward to a balmier day. It’s snowing right now; my only consolation is my office doesn’t have a window so I don’t actually have to see it snowing.

I was so distraught yesterday upon reading the forecast (and checking other weather sites for confirmation) that I considered not starting the race. My frustration with the way this whole training cycle has played out got the better of me for a moment and I wanted to take my toys and go home. Or stay home, rather. Then I remembered there will be people running 100 miles on the same trails in colder weather through the night, and 50 milers starting at midnight freezing their butts off, and volunteers out there all day and night in the cold, and I shook it off.

I have been feeling better lately, and really turned a corner on Monday with my cough. It’s still there, but I’m breathing a lot easier and I have noticed my heart rate overall is down during the day. I have not run outside since Saturday, which may have helped, since I’m not exerting myself out in the cold. I’ve run twice this week: two 4 mile treadmill runs that have been at overall faster paces than I was previously able to achieve, with lower overall heart rates. I’m resting today, running 3 miles on the treadmill on Thursday, and then traveling and volunteering Friday. That should be a sufficient “taper.”

I have never traveled for a race, other than a 5K, and my plan is to overpack and not feel guilty about doing so. I don’t know what I’ll want or need, and I’ve got plenty of space since I’m driving myself, so I’m sure I’ll bring a bunch of stuff for worst-case scenarios.

Here’s my list of stuff to do:

  • Grocery shop
    • Protein bars
    • Sports drink
    • Snacks/meal for Friday night
    • Baggies
    • Vanilla Coke
    • Mints
  • Gear shop
    • Anti-chafing balm
  • Get tasty bagels (on the drive down, because there’s no Bruegger’s in Duluth)
  • Laundry
  • Wash water bottles
  • Packing
    • Winter coat
    • Blankets
    • Tall socks
    • short socks
    • shoes x 2
    • Garbage bag (for fashion in case it rains/drizzles)
    • gloves
    • buffs
    • sports bras
    • shorts
    • tech tee
    • UMD hoodie
    • ball cap
    • toiletries
    • phone charger
    • sports watch chargers
    • sports watch and fitness tracker
    • heart rate monitor strap
    • computer
    • PJs
    • warm stuff for Friday night volunteering
    • antacids/Pepto/ibuprofen
    • an abundance of hair ties
    • sunscreen
    • petroleum jelly
    • water bottles (sports + general)
    • everything purchased grocery shopping
  • Misc
    • Figure out when to leave on Friday (check-in is at 3 PM, I need to be at the race at 5 PM)
    • Final weigh-in on Thurs. (for training wrap up)
    • Write post about racing goals
    • Study race materials again
    • Recon of parking situation (Friday evening)
    • Write down directions to race start

That’s not that big of a list, which makes me think there are other things I’m forgetting, but it was a good exercise

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