Chippewa Moraine 50K Training: Weeks 11-12

Wait, I’m running an ultra next month?

Monday (3/5):
 7.2 mi, treadmill
Tuesday: 6.1 mi, treadmill
Wednesday: 6.8 mi, treadmill
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest (sick)
Saturday: 5.7 mi, treadmill walk
Sunday: 5.8 mi, treadmill walk
Total: 31.6 mi

Monday (3/12): rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3.2 mi, treadmill
Saturday: 2.5 mi, treadmill
Sunday: rest
Total: 5.7 mi

A lot happened. I ended up getting a cold, which wasn’t great, but it wasn’t so bad that I was bedridden. I consider this a massive improvement over the colds I used to get. I walked on Saturday and Sunday of week 11 just to keep my legs going, since I knew that I wasn’t going to do much the next week.

Monday of week 12, the movers arrived to start packing up my house. I got in 10,000 steps just dealing with packing stuff and cleaning and preparing to move. I slept really poorly Sunday night, so my plan to work out after the movers left on Monday didn’t come to fruition.

Tuesday, the movers loaded all the stuff onto their truck, my husband and I cleaned up the house we were renting in Duluth, and then we loaded the last few things, plus our cats, into our cars and drove down to St. Paul. Another exhausting day.

Wednesday, the movers showed up with all of our stuff, and then we started unpacking. Thursday, my husband worked and I tried to do some unpacking, but it’s sort of a puzzle, or like untangling a thread. In order to unpack this box, I need to unpack that one, and in order to unpack that one, I need to figure out where the bookshelf is going to go, and so on. Or I can’t unpack this box because I don’t have a bar in my closet to hang stuff.

Friday I finally worked out for awhile! It felt strange. I ran on the treadmill, which is now in my living room (we couldn’t get it downstairs) and on a wood floor, so it’s a bit noisier. (Well, it’s on a mat on a wood floor.) Then I went to two hockey games and walked all over downtown St. Paul. Saturday I did an even shorter workout, chilled with my nephew for a bit, and then went to two more hockey games and walked all over downtown St. Paul. Sunday I went to a baby shower and didn’t get up in time to buy a gift and drive across town to the shower, so I didn’t run.

So now I’m in a new city with a new role, a longer commute, and no tried-and-true running routes (but plenty to discover!). I’m trying to get back to normal, but it might take awhile to get back into a groove. Warmer weather should help, if that ever comes. Today is the vernal equinox, so of course it snowed. Ha!

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