One Thousand Miles

About 20 minutes into my treadmill run yesterday evening, I crossed the 1000 mile threshold for 2018. I knew this was going to happen since I keep an Excel spreadsheet with my yearly mileage, which I update several times a week. (Why do I use an Excel spreadsheet when I use three different apps to track my running? Short answer: GPS issues and the inability of apps to provide me certain pieces of information that I want to know. Long answer: forthcoming since it just came to me that would be a good topic for a post.) It’s not really that exciting or monumental, although I achieved this milestone 11 days earlier than I did last year.

My colleague asked me if this meant I was going to try for 2000 miles. My actual goal is to run more miles than I did in 2017 (1706 mi), and while I’m clearly on track to beat that, I’m also almost 55% of the way through the year, it would take quite a heroic effort to catch up. I’m on pace for about 1840 miles right now.

Could I run 2000 miles this year? Possibly. I’d have to average about 6 miles a day, or 42 miles a week (since I don’t run daily). I don’t know if I want to do that, even if I could. I travel for work. I get sick often. I like taking breaks. So no, I don’t think 2000 miles is a possibility or even something I want to strive for. I have to leave something for next year!

I feel pretty good about checking off one of my goals for the year, even if I was stuck on the treadmill thanks to the threat of thunderstorms (which never materialized, ugh).

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