Ways to Destroy Your Body Without Even Running

I ran about 4 miles this past weekend (21.7 miles for the week, mostly on a treadmill) but my muscles are more stiff and achy than they have been in a long time. This is due to the following three things:

  1. Rocking out super hard at the Iron Maiden concert on Friday.
    My husband, my friend, and I went to the Iron Maiden/Ghost concert at the Xcel Energy Center last Friday. We were in the seats rather than on the floor, which was good and bad (I got a little anxious just looking at the sea of humanity packed down there), but there was still enough energy and excitement in the building that we were out of our seats headbanging and jumping around. My calves got a heckofa workout and my neck wasn’t in great shape the next day. After the concert, we spent a lot of time standing around and talking to other friends, then had a long-ish walk back to the car, and then went to Mickey’s Diner (not the streetcar one) for some late night grub. We didn’t get back to my friend’s house til after 1:00 and I didn’t get to sleep til probably 3, thanks to adrenaline and ringing in my ears.
  2. Kneeboarding on Saturday.
    After returning to Duluth, we headed out to Pike Lake to hang out with my family. My sister in law and her dad ran Grandma’s (as did many of my friends – I was having FOMO about missing the race – but only missing spectating, not missing running. Too many people running, too hot.) and both had great races, despite the heat. Of course, it cooled off in the late afternoon, too late for the marathoners. This did not stop my brother, my husband, and me from kneeboarding, though. It was a bit cold but not bad. However, my shoulders, upper back, and triceps weren’t thrilled. I look forward to getting a full range of motion back. Also the swim ladder collapsed onto my hand (my own stupid fault), so my palm has a bruise.
  3. Moving on Sunday.
    This was actually the least strenuous activity. My grandparents are moving back to Duluth this coming Saturday, so my dad, stepmother, and I moved in some furniture for them to get their place ready. We didn’t move anything big or super heavy, just some mattresses, chairs, and a few other things.

Looking at my weekend from this perspective, I think I still got some decent physical activity in, despite the dearth of running. I wouldn’t quite call it cross-training, but it was better than nothing.

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