Chippewa Moraine 50K Training: Week 10

Amazing week! The weather was finally warm!

Monday: 5.3 mi, road
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 6.6 mi, road
Thursday: 4.6 mi, paved trail (Lakewalk)
Friday: 22.3 mi, paved trail (Munger Trail)
Saturday: 7.9 mi, paved trail (Lakewalk)
Sunday: 4.1 mi, road
Total: 50.8 mi

The weather was rather erratic this week, but on the days it was warm, I felt like I was flying. I had a hard time getting my butt out the door earlier in the week (I had convinced myself on Wednesday that I could take another rest day — and then made it out! And Thursday I got home and got distracted, so I didn’t get out running til 7:00, but I still made it!)

Friday I had the day off, and the weather looked decent, so I decided to do my last long run. I drove down to the Munger Trail trailhead near Jay Cooke, ran back toward Duluth, turned around just after the Buffalo House (6 mi), continued past my car another 5 miles past Carlton (after nearly getting stopped by a train), and then turned around and headed back for good. I felt really strong, with no stomach issues and no issues getting overheated (I wore shorts, a t-shirt, and arm warmers, which I took off about 10 miles in, and then put back on with about 4 miles to go). I did struggle a bit with an overactive bladder, which put me in the woods 5x (for basically no reason 3 of those times, ugh) and threw me off mentally, but that was the worst thing that happened.

I followed up Friday’s run with a medium run on Saturday. I meant to do 10 miles instead of just under 8, but didn’t have time as we had a long drive for a family dinner. It rained a tiny bit, and then ended up extremely humid. I felt great, though. The only part of me that was really hurting was the middle of my back, where the clasp of my sports bra has destroyed a small section of skin. I ignored my watch for most of the run, and tried to relax.

Sunday I went for a quick run before the Wild game (ugh, more sucky hockey) and again, I felt really relaxed and my body felt good. I’m not sure what the deal is, if it’s the warm weather or the fact that I don’t have to wear 4 layers or clothes or what, but I’m enjoying it.

I will sort of taper for the race (less than 2 weeks! OMG!), and I’m done with long runs for now (this is very exciting! I’ll have my weekends back!). This training cycle has been so weird and haphazard, but it seems to have kept me healthy in mind and body, so I’ll take it.

2 thoughts on “Chippewa Moraine 50K Training: Week 10

  1. embrace the weird & haphazard! sounds like you are listening closely to what your body needs to do each day instead of force feeding it someone else’s ‘plan’.


    1. It has been very liberating to train without a schedule and just a general idea of how many miles I want to run in the week! It’s not entirely so virtuous, some of it has been dictated by travel, but I think in the future I’ll plan for some low mileage weeks with extra days off – something more dramatic than a step-back week.


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