Heated Discussion

I’m really trying to get my running mojo back, and had an OK start to the week (kinda crummy Monday run, rest Tuesday, bada$$ hill workout Wednesday), but all that progress has sort of ground to a halt due to the weather.

Wednesday in the wee small hours of the morning, there was a fairly monstrous thunderstorm in Duluth that knocked out our power. Annoying, yes. But much more annoying when the next two days reach high temperatures of over 90F. It’s highly unlikely we’ll be getting power back any time soon, but in the meantime the weather is sapping my will to do anything. I didn’t run yesterday, and I’m still on the fence about today. I had originally planned on running yesterday, but after driving around trying to find a place that was open so I could get a cold drink and buy some ice to put in the fridge, my energy was pretty well sapped. There were a lot of downed power lines, fallen trees, and non-functioning stoplights and streetlights so it also wouldn’t have been a very safe decision to run.

I’m trying to decide if it’s a good idea to take this opportunity to get some prolonged rest. My choices for today are 1. don’t run or 2. run later in the evening (with a headlamp and vest). I’ve been waffling on what to do. I slept poorly, but felt pretty decent most of today – until I went to lunch and had to go out in the heat. Now I feel like donkey crap. I’m sure once I get home and can relax a bit, I’ll feel better again, and then I’ll make a “game-time” decision, as it were. If I do take today off, I think I’ll call it a week and start fresh on Monday. Let’s all hope I’m not still out of power by then (outlook not so good).

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