Post-Mortem: Superior 25K

Sic transit destitutione. Disappointment fades.

Race Report
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Good things
I warmed up! A little bit. It didn’t matter, but I did it. And of course imagined everyone was staring at me thinking “what a slowpoke.”

A speedy post-race recovery. I’m not sure if I can attribute this to a slow race, more training, or active recovery post-race, but I don’t feel achy at all, and my run the day after felt fine. I’m sure this won’t be the norm, but it feels nice to be functional right away. I must be adapting.

Minimal sunburn. I could have been a lobster out there, if not for semi-diligent sunscreen application. I was grateful the aid station had some on hand, and then I reapplied from my baggie on the back 7. I do need to find a small tube to carry with me.

Readjusting my expectationI knew sub-4 was out of reach before the turnaround, but when I started realizing there was no way I’d make my B goal, and then all the other goals I made up on the fly (except sub-5, thanks to the GPS error), I didn’t panic, or get mad, or try to do something stupid to try to make up time. I wasn’t happy about it, but I kept going as best I could. And that’s life, that’s trail running. Not every race is perfect. I was able to accept it quickly and didn’t wallow in my petulant “I hate running” bitterness for too long. After other accounts of the race are starting to trickle my way, I’m realizing I wasn’t the only person who didn’t have the race they wanted. I can be grateful I wasn’t vomiting my way up Moose Mountain.

Bad things
Nutrition. Ok, no more pre-race bananas. I’ve probably said that before, but I mean it. The banana wasn’t the only problem, but it was a factor at the beginning of the race. I also didn’t eat enough, though I don’t feel like I actually bonked during the race. I do need to try out some gels or some other easy form of (ugh) calories. (I hate putting it like that, it sounds so smug.) I also needed some better food the night before and the afternoon following the race. I shouldn’t have left right away, I could have had some chili after a bit.

Strength training. I was better about it, but I still need to make it a habit. Etc.

Not enough climbing during training. I know I said I was a good climber, but I’m not good enough. I mean, Moose Mountain sucks, there’s no way around that. It’s just unpleasant. But it could have gone better. I am going to be torturing myself with those awful stairs at Spirit Mountain to try to prepare for the fall, when I have a date with Moose Mountain after 20+ miles. Terrifying.

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