Zumbro 17 Training: Week 12

Race week!

Monday: 4 mi, treadmill, 131 bpm
Tuesday: 4 mi, treadmill, 133 bpm
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 mi, treadmill, 135 bpm
Friday: rest (travel + volunteering)
Saturday: 16.7 mi, trail (race!), 138 bpm
Sunday: rest (travel + sloth)
Total: 27.7 mi

Huh, that turned out to be a bigger mileage week than I thought. That’s good, because I have to segue right into Superior 25K training. Zumbro was a long hard training run for Superior, let’s say. But it was more than that, even though I didn’t list it as a goal race, it became one for me.

I took it very, VERY easy leading up to the race, with 3 gentle treadmill runs. I decided not to run outside since it was cold and I didn’t want to risk getting sick. I ended up getting a little bit sick anyway, as I’ve already complained about.

There’s nothing much to say, I am waiting on the final race results before I post my race recap. Since there is no cell service or wifi or anything at Zumbro, the timing and results are run a little differently. I learned a little bit about all the ways they double and triple back up the race data during my stint in the timing booth. Some chips weren’t reading right so some lap or finish data may have to be manually entered. I finished in 4:5X:XX I think. I could only see the clock for the 100 miler race, so I didn’t note my time as I crossed the mat.

I will take a few days off, and I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday evening. I will probably do some yoga this evening and then resume running on Wednesday, when it will be a little milder. The weather forecast is starting to look good!

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