Good News Bad News

I had an overnight trip for work yesterday/today, and planned ahead by packing my workout clothes, shoes, watch, and heart rate monitor. I finished my evening meeting (speaking to a group of female engineering students, which was really fun), grabbed some to go food, and headed back to the hotel. I set my food aside and got dressed and went down to the workout room and the only treadmill was broken.


Disappointing. I went back to my room and stuffed my face with my dinner.

The good news is I’m a lottery winner! I made it in to the Superior 25K in May! I saw the email from the race director in my inbox, and scrolled through the entrants list with bated breath. I finally saw my name and rejoiced. Then I went back to my inbox and saw that if I’d just looked a little farther down, I’d have seen an email from UltraSignup with an invoice for the event, which would have answered my question without all the drama.

Lottery win > Failed workout. It was a good day!

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