Where The Sidewalk Ends

Last week was a bit light on running since I didn’t run from Dec 24-26, but I still got in a couple of relatively decent runs, most of them outside!

I got my safety vest and headlamp and was raring to try them out, so I did a couple of road runs Monday and Wednesday. They were both terrible. The runs, I mean, both items worked well and I felt very safe running.

Monday’s run was slick and difficult. Many stretches of sidewalk were icy, and in some spots the ice was uneven and rutted, making it tough to find good footing.

Wednesday’s run was sloppy and wet with new snow. It was snowing most of the time I was running, which meant the sidewalks weren’t shoveled, and in some places the snow plowed from the street had spilled over onto the sidewalk. It was 34 degrees so there was plenty of slush and my feet were soaked. I was concerned about getting cold, but my feet felt fine the whole time, and I wasn’t even wearing fancy winter socks.

Both runs were infinitely better than running on the treadmill.

I’m a little concerned about running this upcoming week. It snowed on Saturday, and when driving around Sunday, it appeared that the sidewalks were hit or miss as far as shoveling was concerned. Running in the street is not an option as the streets are already narrowed due to the snow. I can’t handle the treadmill every day, so I’ll have to figure something out in the meantime, and hope that people get around to shoveling.

The weather has been great, though. Highs in the 20s every day except yesterday! I can handle the annoying sidewalks if the weather stays this nice!

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