Ease On Down The Treadmill

Well, two days of running in a row, hooray for me!

I ordered a headlamp and reflective vest today. I was going to pick both up at the store this evening after my (one and only) final, but they didn’t seem to have any good headlamps (only cheapo ones) and they only had one running vest left that wasn’t the right size. So I found a couple deals online and I have free 2-day shipping from Prime, so now I can run outside in just a few days!

The treadmill is unpleasant, and my body already hurts from it, specifically my hips. I’m not doing any speed work and not pushing at all, to try to minimize the stress on my body.

Monday I was absolutely dying of boredom, running at a 3.8 mph pace for 4 miles. And I was so hungry I whined aloud about it at several points. My cats were terrified. Yesterday was a lot better because the Wild were winning.

I found myself wanting to push the pace up a little (especially since I had mileage goals, rather than time goals, for the workouts) or lengthen the workout, and I held myself back both times. I took two weeks off, I can’t go from zero to 30 mpw the first week back. So, I can pat myself on the back for not overdoing it.

I can’t pat myself on the back for the poor time management that forced me to miss one of my last weekday afternoon workouts. I could have gone trail running, but instead I had to study. I had plenty of time to get started studying for the exam, but started Monday night, then didn’t get up til 10:30 or so on Tuesday, and then realized I had a lot more studying to do than I thought. So there was no chance for the 6 mile trail run I thought I’d do from about 12-2 (test was at 4). Alas. I won’t get another chance at a trail until Saturday.

My HOPE is that the precipitation we are supposed to get over the next few days is solely snow, and not rain. I’d rather have snow on the ground than ice/cold mud on the trails. We’ve gotten far too much rain, and it makes me nervous, especially since I drive over the high bridge for work, and don’t feel like driving over it when it’s slick with ice.

Ah, winter. Welcome back.

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