Time Off For Good Behavior

I’ve taken about 2 weeks off from running, which wasn’t planned but seems to have been a good idea.

I planned on running yesterday, but looked outside and it looked cold and damp and I decided a day of doing nothing was preferable.

I am done with my classes and just have on final exam and one presentation standing in the way of total freedom. In the form of 40 years of work. At least, I hope so. This upcoming week I should be putting the final pieces together for a job that will start in January and keep me in Duluth! Until everything’s finalized, I’m still going to be nervous about it.

I’m ready to start running again, but my body is probably happy to have the time off, especially my hips. I had too many days in a row on the treadmill and they were a bit achy, especially the right hip. I do have a (potential goal) race that’s only four months away, so I can’t spend too much more time fooling around being a slug. I suppose a trip to a sporting goods store is in order to get my headlamp, since daylight is hard to come by.

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