From 5K to 5 Miles

I registered for the Park Point 5 Miler yesterday.



Maybe. There are some concerning things about this race.

1. It is in July, when it might be hot. It probably won’t be that hot, but if it is, that might kinda suck. I should be acclimated to the heat at that point, but I’m still concerned.

2. It’s only a few weeks after the marathon. Obviously if I don’t run it, that doesn’t matter. If I do, it could be an ugly race.

3. I don’t know how to race a 5 mile race. I mean, a 5K is easy to strategize. Run. I guess. Try to save a little for the end. Does that really apply to 5 miles, too? I kind of assume so, but I’m looking at an hour of hard running. Coach Google is probably going to have to give me some advice.

4. This isn’t a run/walk. This is a run. I am legitimately concerned about whether or not I can run fast enough to not totally hold up the race. Part of me is like “Give up marathon training and start training for the races you’re already entered in!” Another part of me is like “That would mean track workouts!” I would have to get over my fear of looking like a doofus on the track. And also of getting kicked off the track for trespassing, even though I know people work out at HS tracks all the time. (The track at UMD is inside the football stadium so I’m fairly certain I can’t go hop on there, and there’s intramural stuff going on all the time anyway.

I didn’t run yesterday as I was pretty tired. I was concerned I’d wake up today with a terrible cold, because I felt like I had one coming on, but I woke up feeling pretty good. I slept as late as I felt like, which means I need to re-hydrate before getting out in the cold (it’s 40 F), but it was well worth it.

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