Week One: In the Books

Well, I made it through Week 1 of 18 for this marathon training program. Not that it was particularly difficult, since the plan called for 19 miles and I’ve been averaging right around there in the month or so leading up to the beginning of the training. Since I missed a run on Thursday due to my stupid furnace, I recaptured those three miles on Friday and Saturday, adding a mile to Friday’s run and two to Saturday’s. I ended up with this:

Monday: 2 miles (treadmill)
Tuesday: 2 miles (treadmill)
Wednesday: 3 miles (treadmill)
Thursday: shivered a lot
Friday: 4 miles (road)
Saturday: 4 miles (trail)
Sunday: 4 miles (treadmill)

I was stuck on the treadmill yesterday, thanks to sub-zero temperatures. I’m not sure it actually made it to positive degrees F, but I didn’t leave the house. Week 2 calls for 18 miles, with a long run of 5 miles, which I think I can get outdoors. I might end up swapping Saturday and Sunday and doing the “long” run on Friday or Saturday, though I’ll make that final decision based on how I’m feeling, the weather report, and the hockey situation. I should be able to get outside three times (Fri, Sat, Sun) based on the predicted temperatures for the week, so that’s good. 4 miles on the treadmill today was not pleasant, although I listened to music and sang along to some wonderful power ballads, one of the reasons I failed to stay under my goal heart rate for, oh, the third run in a row.

I am doing better with time management, after my screed last week on the subject. I skipped the women’s hockey games this past weekend to give myself a mental break from the rink (especially since there will be home playoffs plus men’s home games this coming weekend), I started and finished homework earlier, and I skipped a run without feeling guilt about it. Of course, it helped that I don’t have any lab reports due or major homework due, since I have tests instead, but I still didn’t have any frantic late studying nights. One week isn’t much, but it’s a start toward a more balanced life.

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