Blog Recommendation: It’s a Dog Lick Baby World

My training is exceedingly dull right now. Monday rest day, Tuesday 2 miles, Wednesday 3 miles. Push-ups and sit-ups. Zzzzz.

I’m not just a writer of blogs, I’m also a reader of blogs and other websites, both running-related and not. I don’t participate in “link-ups” or link trading, but I do want to share things I read and find interesting.

It’s a Dog Lick Baby World is a daily read for me. (Update 9/4/16: Kara no longer blogs, and the archives are no longer up.) It’s not strictly a running blog, as she posts a lot about her daughters, her life, and her thoughts on various topics. She also is on an indefinite hiatus from racing due to rather serious back problems, so there aren’t too many new racing posts, but she has lots of excellent race recaps (everything from 5Ks to ultras) in her archives, plus she serves as the race director for a 50k put on by her local running club (in MD).

This blog will appeal to folks who like running recaps, sarcasm, GIFs, and snark about blogging and other various Internet phenomena. It won’t appeal to those who don’t like kids (although it’s not a typical mommy blog, it does have a lot of kid talk, especially since her kids have had some health issues), Zumba, swearing, or unapologetic statements of opinion. I don’t always agree with Kara, and sometimes I feel like a loser because I am not as motivated as she is and I am pretty sure I’d be the type of person at a race who annoyed her by being slow and awkward, but the blog is funny and I hate a lot of clichéd blogger habits, so I read it and even occasionally click through from my reader, which is high praise!

I also read her friend Alyssa’s blog, Chocolate is MY LIFE. Alyssa is also an ultrarunner, but she recently had a baby and rarely posts (understandable, as she also works full-time!), and mentioned she might not be running ultras anymore. Her archives are full of fun race recaps, so they’re still worth a read, and I will keep her in my feed just in case she gets back into ultrarunning. (Update 9/4/16: this appears to be full-on mommy blog at this point.)

I hope I have some interesting running to report at some point this week. I keep looking at the 10-day forecast and hoping to see some high 30s or low 40s in the forecast, but nope. My expectations are too high!

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