Like Magellan

I took a rest day Monday, and then had a homemade-Chex-Mix-fueled 3.2 mile run on the treadmill yesterday while watching the first period of the Wild game.

Treadmill Strategy: Run til the game starts (I started about 5 or 6 minutes before the broadcast began, which was maybe 10 minute before the game started, which I didn’t plan for), and then recover during the commercials. This is great in theory because it isn’t based on anything on the treadmill display, so it helped my running posture.

It didn’t work out exactly as planned, as the game didn’t start on time and a commercial didn’t come until I’d been running for almost 25 minutes nonstop. I did take one recovery break of about 30 seconds when I thought they were going to commercial but they didn’t. When I’m watching hockey live it usually feels like there’s a commercial every whistle, but I guess my perception is off. After the first break, I was cruising along and with about ten minutes to go on the treadmill clock, I decided there was no reason for another walk break and just kept running. So, hooray.

For years, I’ve been using shoe inserts while running to cushion my feet. It’s probably not good for them or for my stride or something, but I did. My insteps were very sensitive and I thought I needed the extra support. I also spent a lot of time on my feet when I worked as a makeup counter jockey so I used them in my work shoes (sensible flats!) too. I really hated those stupid “gellin’ like a felon” commercials so for a long time I resisted using the massaging gel inserts, but I finally gave in and used them for a few years.

This summer I started noticing hot spots on my feet when I was running, mostly on the heel base of my left foot. I’d never experienced them before, but it was a very strange sensation, slightly gentler than what I imagine it would be like to have a cigarette extinguished on the bottom of my foot. It happened with different socks, so I don’t think that was the culprit.

I also read a little bit about running shoes and how they are sometimes overly cushioned, and that a more minimal shoe might be a better choice. I am easily persuaded of things, and instead of doing research, I decided to quit using the inserts when I bought my most recent pair of shoes. I didn’t buy a super-light shoe, but I figured my first step toward minimalism was ditching the insoles.

I was concerned I would get foot cramps, which I have in the past, but so far so good. I’ve done long runs and short runs, indoors and out, and haven’t had any issues with foot pain, or with hot spots. I have only run indoors with a fan on or in cooler temperatures outside, so I can’t say the hot spots won’t be there once it’s warmer again (in six months). The shoes, I could take or leave, but that’s a post for another day.

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