Owning A Treadmill

I think the high today yesterday (forgot I wrote this late and scheduled it for the morning) was 0, but that’s a bit optimistic. Since I don’t have proper gear for running in really, really cold temps, and didn’t feel like improvising and trying to shuffle along in the bitterness, I reluctantly clomped down into the basement to run a couple slow miles on the treadmill.

I hate the treadmill so much. I just hate it. I hate that a slower pace for on the treadmill is harder for me than a longer run on pavement/trails. I ran a 13:30 average pace for 4.6 miles yesterday, and a 14:37 pace (with a little incline) for 2 miles on the treadmill today, and I was huffing and puffing the whole time on the treadmill while I felt great yesterday even with some little hills thrown in. There must be some kind of scientific reason for this, but that’s not the point of the post.

Even though I dread running on the treadmill, I’m glad I have it. I think owning a treadmill is a great decision for runners who can afford it and have space for it. This isn’t ground-breaking for most runners, I know, but for slow folk like me, or sporadic runners, also like me, it’s still a good idea. Even for folks who have had trouble committing to running (like me), it’s still a good idea.

It’s the same cost whether there’s one runner in a household or many, unlike a gym membership.

It will eventually become more cost-effective than a gym membership. It’s a lot of money up front, but that’s it. There aren’t joiner’s fees or contracts or recurring fees. Even after a lapse of months or years, there are no fees or hassles to jump back on the treadmill.

It’s there in cold weather or hot weather, when it’s icy or there’s rain, or when it’s Grandma’s Marathon weekend and I don’t want any actual talented runners watching me run.

I can wear dirty workout clothes, fart while running, blow my nose, or watch terrible movies and TV shows.

It’s there to walk on, on days I can’t fathom doing any other kind of workout.

I don’t miss “appointment television,” like hockey games. I’ve even lugged my laptop down to the basement to listen to a UMD women’s hockey game. I can scream at the TV (or stream) without disturbing other people.

So, bottom line, I love having a treadmill, even if I don’t love using it, and I try not to let its presence make me feel guilty or reproached if I let it get a little dusty.

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