A Chill in the Air

Well, getting some warmer running tights or a base layer for underneath them just rocketed to the top of my shopping list.

I had a great run today at Hartley, hitting three of my favorite trails (Guardrail, Rock Knob, and Root Canal) and ending up with 7.5 miles. It was slow, an average pace of 17:47, but there were some really chewed-up trails rutted and covered in ice. I assume this is because people were biking on them when it was wet and muddy. So with the icy/slippery parts, plus my generally cautious nature, I wasn’t exactly flying down the hills. It’s probably time to start putting the shoe chains on.

I felt great for most of the run, enjoying the scenery and grateful to be outside rather than stuck on the treadmill. Toward the end, my hands started to get cold and my plan to try to eke out 8 miles was cut short. It was a good decision, because I got cold fast.

As I was driving to Hartley, I was concerned I wasn’t wearing enough gear. For a shorter run, those concerns were unfounded, but it turned out I was right. I had a short-sleeved tech tee, a hoodie, a pair of medium-weight running tights, a pair of short shorts layered over the tights, over the calf socks, gloves, and a buff worn as a headband. It was in the low 20s F, so kind of on the borderline of when I like to add more clothing.

What I really needed was another thin layer on top, and another layer on the bottom. I discovered this when I was showering; the skin on the backs of my arms, my sides, and the front of my thighs was bright red. My thighs definitely had the worst of it, as they were itchy, too. I probably should have waited longer to get in the shower, but oh well. I’m still feeling a bit cold, but I also keep my house kinda cold.

So, I’ve concluded I need warmer running tights, another layer for underneath the tights, or possibly both, depending on what kind of temperatures I’m running in as we get into full-on winter up here. If I come up with a good solution, I’ll pass it along.