TBD Spring Ultra Training: Week 2

It’s cold and miserable. I took a whole week off, hoping to run outside every day, and ended up on the treadmill most days. Blah.

Monday: rest (holiday!)
Tuesday: 8 mi, split treadmill (3.9 mi and 4.1 mi), strength
Wednesday: 7.2 mi, split treadmill (4.2 mi and 3.0 mi), strength
Thursday: 8.8 mi, treadmill (4.2 mi) and Lakewalk (4.6 mi)
Friday: 6.1 mi, trail (Bagley)
Saturday: 5.5 mi, treadmill, strength
Sunday: 4.2 mi, treadmill, strength
Total: 40 mi

Okay, I fully realize that split up runs are not equal to the sum of their parts, but it’s what I had to do to mentally get through the week of workouts. Ugh. I was lucky to get out even twice, it was so cold. Christmas Eve, the temperature started to drop, and most of this whole week was spent below 0 Fahrenheit. I almost wish I’d gone back to work on Wednesday and not wasted the vacation days, but I’d have to use them in the next few months anyway.

But when I did get outside, it was gorgeous.



I love this place, and then I hate it. It’s hard.

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