So I’ve run maybe… 15-16 miles in the past two weeks. I can’t even call those weeks training weeks. Not the best.

The last full week of January, I was still recovering from my cold. I ran both weekend days, and was ready to ease back into running while on a work trip. I stayed at the same hotel I did last time I went to Edmonton, thinking I would be able to use the workout room. It was under renovation this time. I hadn’t packed for outdoor running and I didn’t know the city well enough to run outside anyway. So that was a major downer. I did manage to walk a lot. I commuted to and from work on foot, walked to get lunch, and walked to after-work events (I went to an Oilers-Wild game on Tuesday even!). I walked in the airports to keep from going stir crazy during layovers. I did my best to eat somewhat healthy; we’ll see if I’ve gained a lot of weight since I’ve been sick and sedentary. My cold is almost entirely gone – I’ve just got a bit of a lingering cough, but my energy is back and my head isn’t stuffy anymore. I was concerned I’d catch something new and exotic on the flight, but unless I acquired an illness with a very long incubation period, I’m good to go.

Friday I got home at about 3 PM (Central), which gave me time to run, but I’d been traveling since 4:30 AM (Mountain), so I was wiped out. Saturday, I let myself sleep as late as I felt like, and then decided not to run. And yesterday, I almost didn’t run. I waffled about it for a couple hours before I finally got dressed and got out of the house. I really, really, really cannot wait for the days when I can just throw on shorts and a tank top and head out. I wanted to quit less than a mile in, but managed to hang on and run about 5.7 miles, putting my grand total for the week at 5.7 miles. Woo.

Real training restarts today. 12 weeks until Chippewa Moraine. Hit it.

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