Wild Duluth 50K Goals

Well, tomorrow I’ll either be an ultrarunner, or I won’t. I’m pretty sure I will be.

A Standard: 9:45:00
B Standard: 9:59:59
C Standard: 10:59:59

I won’t be very happy with the C standard, but who knows? I don’t think this course has as challenging of an end as the Moose Mountain Marathon (specifically, it does not have a Moose Mountain!), so I don’t know why I couldn’t improve a little on overall pace. I know most of this course backward and forward, literally. It’s only the beginning that’s a bit of an unknown.

The weather forecast seems to be improving. It was looking like a 90% chance of rain the entire day as recently as Tuesday’s forecast, now it looks to be more like 40%, with a high of 65. I can handle that. Last year was much colder.

I will be starting the race off running with a friend, which is a first for me. Even when I’ve had friends at the starting line, our paces have been different enough that we’re separated almost immediately. I am not sure we’ll run the whole race together, as I’m not very good at running with other people, and I do like to be alone sometimes. I hate to be alone at the start, though. I’m so glad to have someone to ride the bus with.

The usual non-pace-related goals apply: no puking, no soiling myself, no medical emergencies. Keep moving. Don’t fart around at aid stations. Eat, and then take more food to go. Enjoy myself. Stay calm. Don’t get lost.

Tonight I’ve still got plenty to do to get ready, and a hockey game to attend after packet pickup. I won’t be eating a burrito bowl this time; going with pizza. And I’m not going to have caffeinated pop either, anything to try to prevent the sleepless night before Curnow.

Here goes nothing!

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