Superior 25K Race Prep

Naturally, I am leaving everything til the last minute. Unlike with Zumbro, when I was simply in denial the race was imminent, I’m excited for Superior. I’m just lazy about packing/prepping.

My legs are a little bit tired right now, which means I am being stupid and running too much. It’s been beautiful out so I can’t help myself. We’re looking at a high of 68F on race day, which is both exciting and a little scary. Will that be too hot? Will I get horribly sunburned? I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to wear. A tank top (or “singlet,” if you will) is probably the best choice, but that leaves more of me exposed to sunburn. I’m not sure how much of the race is in shade, but I have to be prepared in case there’s a lot of open space. A sleeveless top will expose some harder to reach spots of skin.

Here’s my list of stuff to do:

  • Grocery Shop
    • protein bars
    • sports drink
    • stuff to eat for dinner Friday & Saturday night
    • snacks (avoid too much salty stuff)
  • Gear Shop
    • cortisone (my fitness tracker is irritating my skin)
    • sunscreen – 1 portable option and maybe 1 spray-on option
  • Laundry (the never-ending struggle)
  • Wash water bottles
  • Packing
    • shorts
    • a couple of options for shirts
    • lightweight rain shell
    • ball cap
    • shoes
    • socks
    • BodyGlide
    • sports watch, HR monitor, & charger
    • sports bra
    • phone charger
    • computer
    • toiletries
    • petroleum jelly
    • antacids/pepto/ibuprofen
    • baggies
    • water bottles
    • groceries
    • lip balm
    • PJs
    • hair ties
    • stuff to do in my down time
  • Logistics
    • Figure out when to leave tomorrow
    • Directions to hotel
    • Directions from hotel to race
    • Figure out when to leave for the race on Saturday
  • Mental prep
    • Solidify¬†race goals
    • Determine time milestones for race goals (i.e. hit the aid station at X:XX)
    • Memorize the climbs in the race (i.e. X number of climbs at miles Y, Z, etc.)

I guess I have a busy night ahead of me.

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