Be The Match 5K 2016 Goals

This is my first repeat race! I’m excited to outdo Donna 2015. Here are links to last years goals and race report.

Last year I ran the race in 36:09. My current personal best is 32:31, run at the Gobble Gallop in November. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve run a 5K, and I’ve hardly done any speed work in the meantime, but I still think I can improve upon my Gobble Gallop time. This might be a stupid idea, because I have Superior next weekend, but the races are such different animals, I’m not worried about wrecking my trail 25K by trying to race a 5K. I mean, I could get injured, but beyond that I’m unconcerned.

A Standard: 31:30
B Standard: 32:00

So, looking at a 30 second-1 minute improvement over my best time. I think that’s possible. I even think it is conservative, but I’m not sure. I did a 5K “predictor” workout on the treadmill on Wednesday, doing 5×1000 at 10:10 pace, with 200m walking recovery in between. It sucked, but I hit the paces each time, and I was able to get my heart rate down into the aerobic zone in each recovery. I just don’t really know what that translates to on the road. I would like to think it actually translates to faster than 31:30, but we’ll see. I didn’t want to run on the treadmill, but it was dismal, cold, and rainy outside on Wednesday, so I stayed inside.

Keys to success on Saturday:
1. Don’t eat crap the day before. I’m always doing dumb stuff like eating a whole burrito, or eating something that upsets my stomach, and then I get a terrible night’s sleep or I feel like I’m still full at race time.

2. Try to get a decent night’s sleep. I don’t know if that’s possible. I’ll be arriving at my mom’s at around 11 PM tonight, and I’m sure my nephew will be up at like 5 am being a loud kid, as kids are wont to be.

3. Warm up. Which I always say. I do usually manage to warm up for short races, at least a little bit.

4. Dig deep and hang on. I’ve never run an all-out 5K. Probably never will. Certainly will not tomorrow. But, I let myself get psyched out last year, by the weather, by my stomach, by the annoying smell of dead fish. I think I’m in a better position to push a little harder, since I have run much more challenging races than this one.

5. Don’t miss the little squirt running the Tot Trot. Last year we had some logistical confusion (i.e. my mom decided to make pancakes the morning of the race and it took forever so we didn’t leave on time) and we had to park rather far away and missed the kiddo race. He is 3 1/2 this year so he has a better chance of understanding what’s going on.

I’ve raised over $400 personally, and my team has raised over $1000, so we’ve already PRed in fundraising!

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