Are You Tough Enough?

Am I tough enough for this weather? No.

There are still some people running outside in this weather, I see them post pix on various running sites. I am not running in sub-zero weather. I don’t have the right gear, and I don’t have the mental fortitude.

Today the high is 2 F. I’ll be in treadmill town again.

The great news is Thursday and Friday look to be warm enough for outdoor running. Highs near 20 F! That is exciting. And then Saturday and Sunday look awful. The extended forecast doesn’t look that bad, though.

Next week will be my first week of training for either Zumbro 17 or Superior 25K, depending on my luck with the lottery. I hope it’s better luck than I had with the Powerball. I won $0.32 in a pool with co-workers ($16 among 50 people). Next week is 12 weeks out from Zumbro, so I’ll either be on a 12 week training plan culminating with Zumbro, or a 16 week training plan with Zumbro as a training run. Which is weird because Zumbro is a longer race than Superior.

I haven’t picked out a plan yet for training, but I might just wing it and combine some plans, or modify a half marathon plan for slightly longer and higher mileage. The final decision will depend on which race ends up as my goal race. I’ll find out next week, so my first week of training will have to be the same no matter what.

I just checked and there’s a Wild game tonight, so I’ll be able to survive the treadmill!

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