Building Character

That’s what I told myself while I was suffering through another boring treadmill run yesterday. It’s just making you mentally stronger, I reminded myself each time I wanted to quit. Man, I really hate the treadmill. Of course that kind of defeatist attitude didn’t help. Nor did the poor play of the Minnesota Wild.

Four days in a row on the treadmill is really taking its toll. It’s way harder on my body than trail or road running. I also think I have terrible posture on the treadmill, but I’m in my basement, not in a gym, so there isn’t a mirror to check. My lower back is stiff and my hips are kind of sore.

I wasn’t planning on four treadmill days in a row, of course. It rained Monday through Wednesday, but yesterday it was snowing so I figured I could get outside. When I was walking to my car at 5 (which is now well after sunset around here), it was slippery enough that I changed my mind. I don’t have a headlamp yet, and the streets around here are really dark, so I didn’t feel safe.

I’m taking today off from running as a result of these aches and pains, although I will probably do some strength training and a little yoga (which I’ve completely given up on since I don’t have abundant free time like I did this summer), so it won’t be a true rest day.

After today, I’ve got to get back outside. I have six days until my Gobble Gallop 5K, and I can’t be going into it with back and hip soreness. I plan on hitting some trails in the city limits this weekend (to stay safe from the deer hunters) and then I’m not sure, maybe the Lakewalk on Monday and Tuesday. I still have high hopes for a PR in this race, despite no actual proof that a PR is possible. Still, why not be wildly optimistic?

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