Energy Drain

I haven’t run since Monday, which is not that great. It’s not terrible, the world isn’t ending. I’ve been really tired and low on physical and mental energy. My week went like this:

Monday: run
Tuesday: felt sick most of the day
Wednesday: SO tired
Thursday: extremely long day
Friday: cold-like symptoms
Saturday: lazy

I have new shoes (same as the old shoes, they were on super sale again), I just got a new charging cable for my watch so I can use it again finally, and the weather looks decent for the next few days. It’s still deer season so I’m not able to get out on any of the real trails safely, and during the week there’s just no time to get out on the trails. I’m not running in the dark on the trails just yet. The streets around here are dark enough.

I want to start planning my races for next year but my future is uncertain. I graduate next month and haven’t found a job yet, so I don’t know where I’ll be living. I don’t want to sign up for races I won’t be anywhere near, or won’t be able to attend due to an unpredictable work schedule (that does happen in engineering, it’s not all 40 hrs/week office work). But I also want races to look forward to and plan for! Yes, I have this 5K on Thanksgiving, but it’s not a goal race, more of a way to gauge if I’ve improved.

I need a nice long run tomorrow to get back on track, and then some easy medium length runs and some speed work to get my legs in shape for the Gobble Gallop. Turn the page, right?

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