Harder ‘n Hell Half Training: Week 7

Another wasted week.

Monday: unplanned rest day
Tuesday: unplanned rest day
Wednesday: unplanned rest day
Thursday: unplanned rest day
Friday: unplanned rest day
Saturday: Superior 100 Volunteering (no miles logged but I did move around a lot!)
Sunday: 12.5, trails (SHT)
Total: 12.5

Ugh. Not a good week, but I was sick at the beginning and then later in the week I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep, so I chose to rest longer in order to completely recover. Friday was spent working, then traveling, and I wasn’t able to get in a run like I’d planned.

Sunday I was all inspired by the runners from Superior 100 and probably overdid it. After 9 days off from running, I ended up running almost the entire half marathon course, and when I say running, I really mean hiking. Slow, slow hiking that took 4 hours and 20 minutes. However, at least now I know that I can handle this race even if it goes to hell. I can just walk it in and still make it under 5 hours, I assume.

This upcoming week I need to start getting my race day nutrition under control. I have been eating granola bars during long runs and that is such a pain in the butt. I need to try some gels, I’m just worried that my stomach will reject them. I don’t know why, as I’ve never tried them. I might need to carry a little something with me just to fill my stomach with actual substance, but maybe not.

I am disappointed in this training cycle, but at the same time, I have such low expectations for my performance in this race that I am not devastated. I know I can finish the race upright, even after not running for a week, so I guess I’m ready? I still have 5 weeks of training (I know only about 3 more weeks will actually have a real effect on my race, but still, 5 weeks), so there’s time for a bit of improvement, if all goes well.

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