Summer Gear Wish List

I’m trying not to go overboard on gadgets and gear and trying to stick to what I need to improve and accomplish my goals, but I’ve let some of my wants go by the wayside lately and now this list is getting a little long.

High priority:
2 new sports bras
Head lamp
Handheld water bottle

I must purchase the head lamp in the next couple weeks, in order to have it in time for my solstice plans. The hand-held is something I could probably get away with avoiding forever, but I need to get used to it, I need an easy spot to put my keys, and it’s going to get warm soon (I hope) so I’ll need water/whatever on longer runs for safety’s sake. I got tired of hauling my Powerade out of my hydration backpack on my last long trail run.

My favorite sports bra is falling apart, and the one I bought to replace it is terrible. I’m eventually going to do a review on it because it is so bad in so many ways.

Medium priority:
New hose for my hydration backpack
Second pair of running shoes
Running shorts that actually work for me
Body Glide

Obviously the Body Glide and the shorts go hand in hand. I don’t run in shorts currently because I’m always finding them riding up, bunching up, and causing all kinds of discomfort. I want to find a pair of shorts that I like. They must stay in place and not cause chafing. I will stick to capris and full-length tights if I can’t find a pair of shorts that I don’t have to constantly keep digging out of my crotch. Too much information, I know, but sorry. My thighs touch and probably always will, they make shorts a problem. Hence the Body Glide.

I would like a second pair of running shoes for a couple of reasons. First, because people say it’s a good thing to alternate shoes (prevents injury or something), and while that might be shoe manufacturer propaganda, I’ve bought into it, I guess. Second, because it gives me an option if my shoes are wet or muddy from the previous day’s run. Third, because I am still trying out options for shoes and want to see what’s right for me. Fourth, because I might want to swap them out during a race or super long training run if I’m having problems or my feet are soaked or something. Fifth, because I won’t have to break in new shoes as quickly, and I won’t have to run in crappy worn out shoes while I’m breaking the shoes in, as long as I space out my new shoe purchases.

Too many gross things have happened to the hose and mouthpiece to my hydration backpack for me to ever feel like it’s truly clean, which is one of the top reasons I don’t actually fill the bladder in it. The other reason is I need to clean the bladder. Nothing gross happened to that, it just has the usual deposits left behind by water.

Low priority:
New hydration backpack

I don’t really need a new hydration backpack, the one I currently have is adequate, but the newer ones are so convenient! Mine has one big pocket and no storage in the straps, so I can’t get easy access to anything, I have to take the pack off to reach the pocket. I’d like something that I can use more efficiently.

This is an annoying amount of stuff, and doesn’t include a list of stuff I need for fall as I start mapping out my fall races. The good news is I’m entering my final 6 months as a student, and I’ll only be part-time this fall and thus working more, so my finances should open up a bit. The bad news is I still don’t want to be a conspicuous consumer of a wasteful amount of running products. (Owning 2 hydration backpacks is probably conspicuous consumption.)

My goal is to be thoughtful and patient about purchasing new running stuff. Except about socks, I don’t need to think too hard about buying extra socks. But beyond socks, I shouldn’t be buying running stuff just to buy it, I should be buying gear that lasts a long time and serves a true purpose, and I should put some research into what I’m getting. Now, off to Google “best headlamps for running.”

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