Be The Match 5K Goals

It’s Monday, and I have a race on Saturday, so I had better start planning some stuff.

I am running reduced mileage compared to what I was running in April when I did the Fitger’s 5K (I guess you could call it a taper… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA!), but I am also stronger than I was then, and I think the course will be a little easier. Not that the Fitger’s course was hard, but I did have to plod up a hill twice to get over the freeway. I’m pretty sure since this course is around Lake Harriet it will not have any large hills like that.

So, here are my time goals, bearing in mind my most recent 5K was 37:00 even.

A Standard: 36:00
B Standard: 36:30

These goals are much closer together than they were last time (36:00 A Standard and 40:00 B Standard), since I was just guessing last time. My A Standard is still the same since I didn’t make it last time and it’s only been a month. I think it’s still maybe a little bit out of reach, shaving a whole minute off my time in just a month is a lot to ask. Maybe? I don’t know.

It’s cold and rainy today so I will probably be on the treadmill for today’s run. It depends on if it is actually raining when I get ready to go. I wanted to do hill repeats today after the deer ruined my opportunity on Saturday. I rested Sunday, as it was crappy out and I was lazy.

Here’s the plan for the rest of the week leading up to the race:
Monday: either hills or treadmill torture
Tuesday: easy road run (junk miles, if you are a running snob)
Wednesday: mild speed workout
Thursday: easy road run and then massage
Friday: very short and easy run at some point since I am traveling
Saturday: burn up the pavement

Now I just need to execute the plan, which for me is easier said than done!

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