I run slowly. My paces are so slow that some might even say they don’t count as running. Oh well. There’s your introduction to the site.

I ran 4.5 miles along the Lakewalk today to ring in the New Year and to take advantage of the decent weather. It was about 20 and the wind was only terrible at the beginning. It was my first time trying out my “snow tires for the feet” and first time running outside in the cold this winter (so lazy), but at least I was faster than the treadmill. I had no strategy beyond completing the run at a comfortable pace and avoiding frostbite, so I was wildly successful.

6:54 (.51 miles)
I told you, I’m slow. Not slow like when someone whines that their 22nd mile of a marathon was a 8:00 “death march,” but actually slow.

Last time I ran the Lakewalk, I found a stray cat. I ended up carrying the poor little orange cutie pie two miles back to my car. She didn’t have claws, which made carrying her a lot easier than it could have been, but I still probably looked like a nutter, power-walking along the trail in the dusk carrying a yowling cat. I’m sure at least a few people I passed thought I was a sad loser taking my cat for a walk, or at least I hope some people did. I wanted to keep her and name her Nokomis, since we found her on the shores of Gitchigumi, but it didn’t happen. I still want to kick the baby of whoever left this sweet, defenseless cat down by the lake. I didn’t find any cats or other stray animals today, but considering it was about 45 degrees warmer when I found the cat, I’m glad I didn’t.

Well, maybe in a couple years, I’ll look back on this post and be faster.

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