2016 Summer Running Goals Revisited

Summer is over, the autumnal equinox has occurred. My deadline for completion of my summer running goals has passed.

Here’s the original post on running goals, and here’s the original post on running gear. How did I do this year?

Running goals
Run a <30 5K
I ran 30:02 at the Midnight Sun Midnight Run in June. I’m disappointed to have come in 3 seconds too slow, but I’ve still made some good improvements in my 5K times over the past year+. I’ll have to put this on the next goals list.

Run across the Bong Bridge
I did this in late August. It was just ok, will probably not make a point of running it again.

Become a marathoner
I finished the Moose Mountain Marathon on September 10th! It was an unusual choice for a first marathon, I’ll admit, but I truly enjoyed the experience. I guess that means I didn’t try hard enough.

Recon every section of the Moose Mountain Marathon
I did this over three weekends, and it was invaluable to my marathon experience.

Volunteer at an aid station
Done! I volunteered at the Forbay Lake aid station at Voyageur. It was really fun and I plan to do it again many times.

Traverse the entire Lakewalk in one run
I did this on Labor Day weekend. Not the best weekend to do it, but I persevered.

Run from Gooseberry Falls to Split Rock
By the time I remembered this was a goal, I was sick of driving up north to do runs, so I will have to do it this fall.

I didn’t complete every goal on my list, but I don’t mind. That just means I already have two goals for the next list!

Gear wish list
Bug repellent
I was thinking of buying some kind of fancy organic kind. I bought one lemon-eucalyptus spray (that probably has some other chemicals in it, I didn’t really look) and then one heavy duty poisonous one.

New sports bra
I got two new ones from REI during a sale online. In the future I’ll be keeping an eye out for the ugly patterned ones. They end up getting marked down, whereas the basic black one does not.

Super lightweight jacket
I bought a lovely purple one from Patagonia that I think I have worn once on a run. It can be stuffed into its own pocket for easy transport so I jam it in my hydration pack when the weather is iffy.

Hydration belt or lightweight vest
I bought a new vest with lots of pockets and features. It was expensive but I like it.

Racing briefs
I didn’t buy bunhuggers, and I’m glad I didn’t. I didn’t run on the treadmill much at all this summer. I’ll consider buying a pair for winter treadmill torture, but this might have been a silly whim.

Body Glide alternative
I tried Vaniply and will someday do a review/comparison.

Trail shoes
I bought trail shoes and they’re not amazing. I’ll someday do a review/whine about them. Gotta try a new brand.

Prescription sunglasses
Nope. I haven’t even bought new regular glasses. I just wear a ball cap when running.

I bought 2 more pairs from Old Navy, using the rewards I accumulated buying all this other crap.

In conclusion, I spent a lot of money. I think next year I’m going to keep track of all the money I spend on running.

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