Grandma’s Marathon 2015

Tomorrow is Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon here in Duluth. I am not running it, because I couldn’t complete the training. I wish I’d been able to, but I’m not too disappointed. Considering the weather report looks dire, my disappointment has abated almost entirely.

I hadn’t been able to decide if I wanted to go watch the marathon or not, since I don’t like crowds or traffic, and I didn’t have anyone to go with. I didn’t go last year, even though I hosted a couple of guys who were coming up to watch. I know enough people running that it would be nice to cheer for some people (blogger Michelle is going to run it with her sister!), but I could also watch it at home, or sleep in, or something. A friend’s husband is running the race and we decided to meet up since we haven’t seen each other in years, so I will see a little bit of the marathon, at least, while I wait with her and her daughters to cheer on their daddy.

I have mixed feelings about the marathon, because I am an intolerant townie. I don’t need to be downtown or in Canal Park on Saturday, which is good. I think it’s great we have this cool, internationally recognized marathon here, and I do really want to run it someday. I also got a little excited when I went to lunch with my boss today and we saw two elite runners eating at the same place. I must be elite now, too.

I get uncomfortable running around town on marathon weekend. I am slow, as we all know, and I’d be embarrassed to be seen running by someone whose marathon pace is half my 5K PR pace. Saturday’s plan is to get the hell out of the city and onto some trails where only the squirrels can judge me, once I am done spectating.

Welcome to Duluth, runners, spectators, various media, et al! Enjoy your races, I wish you all PRs, and please don’t throw up if I am near you.

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