It’s My First Day

I wanted to find a clip of the “Simpson Tide” episode of The Simpsons, where Homer tells the penguins on the USS Antarctica that it’s his first day. I was unsuccessful in my very brief search.

Two miles in the books Monday (plus my innovative “strength training” pushups and situps routine). A two-mile run for a marathon training program is kind of hilarious, but when I signed up last year, I signed up for the “novice” emails, since I am a novice. The program is 18 weeks and helps build up a base. I have a little bit of a base, but I can use the extra help. Plus I didn’t get home til 7:15 and still had homework to do, so two little miles was about all I could squeak in. The longest run for week one is 4 miles, to which I say HALLELUJAH, especially after looking at the forecast. Ew. It’s going to be all indoor miles again this week. I do believe there’s a light at the end of the cold weather tunnel, though.

(I wrote this post on Monday evening, but it’s basically irrelevant at this point… I just wanted to include the Simpsons reference.)

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