A Journey of a Thousand Miles

…begins with a single race registration.


Holy crap. I registered for a race.

The Fitger’s 5K is April 11th, which means there will probably be a foot of snow on the ground. It is also far enough in the future that I should be a tiny bit faster. I joked to the Grandma’s Marathon Twitter account that I would be coming in DFL (Dead F**king Last), but I don’t really believe that. I looked at last year’s results and am confident that I would be able to avoid DFL. Maybe not in my age group, but overall, yes. Even running with my self-imposed heart rate restrictions, even running on the treadmill, I am above the pace of the last finishers from last year. So, that’s already checked off the list. Now I just have to figure out how to run in the morning, and how to speed up a little so I’m not in the stragglers at the back. And how to avoid chickening out and skipping the race.

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